Introducing Tanzu Application Platform

Source -> VMware Tanzu doc

Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) is released today (1st Sep 2021) as public beta. With TAP, developer/operators gets better experience to build and deploy cloud native/modern applications in a faster, consistent and secured manner.

Components in TAP Bundle

Components Included in TAP Bundle

In order to install TAP, above listed components can be installed as a package bundle or they can be installed separately.

Here is the documentation link of above components, you can follow and installed separately.

Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu (Beta) v0.2.0:

Application Live View for VMware Tanzu (Beta) v0.1.0: Application Live View for VMware Tanzu

Cloud Native Runtimes for VMware Tanzu v1.0.2: Cloud Native Runtimes

VMware Tanzu Build Service v1.2.2: Tanzu Build Service

To install Tanzu Application Platform as a bundle, You can refer below link.

Here is the announcement blog post from VMware

Download Public Beta URL

Tanzu Application Platform Documentation

YouTube Video

In the next post, i will talk about TAP Installation.

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