Registering a vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster to TMC

I have found that the registration of TKG workload clusters is bit different than TKG Management Cluster and completely different than vSphere with Tanzu supervisor cluster. I will describe the step by step registration process here.

Source -> VMware Doc

Registration Pre-requirements: vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster to TMC

  1. vSphere with Tanzu supervisor cluster is up and running
  2. Either your Supervisor cluster is running on vSphere 7.0.1 U1, or upgrade to vSphere U1
  3. You have TMC admin access

Registration Steps

  1. Login to Supervisor cluster and ensure the context is set appropriately. You can use below command to see the current context and then change it (if needed)
$ k config get-contexts -> Displays the list of contexts and * mark with current context
$ k config use-context <context-name> -> Switch the context

2. List the namespaces and note down the one having name starting with “svc-tmc-

$ k get ns -> List the namespace
root@dinesh:~# k get ns
default Active 69d
kube-node-lease Active 69d
kube-public Active 69d
kube-system Active 69d
svc-tmc-c8 Active 69d
vmware-system-appplatform-operator-system Active 69d
vmware-system-capw Active 69d
vmware-system-cert-manager Active 69d
vmware-system-csi Active 69d
vmware-system-kubeimage Active 69d
vmware-system-license-operator Active 69d
vmware-system-logging Active 69d
vmware-system-nsx Active 69d
vmware-system-registry Active 69d
vmware-system-tkg Active 69d
vmware-system-ucs Active 69d
vmware-system-vmop Active 69d

3. Create a YAML file for AgentInstall CRD creation with below content in it.

kind: AgentInstall
name: tmc-agent-installer-config
namespace: svc-tmc-c8
operation: INSTALL
registrationLink: <TBD>

4. Now, Let generate the registration link that is needed for creating AgentInstall CRD.

5. Login to TMC UI and Click on the Administration tab in left hand side.

6. Click on Management Cluster tab

7. Click on the Register Management Cluster and select vSphere with Tanzu option

8. Fill the details in the form and click on next

9. It will generate the registration link, Copy it and update the the yaml file created in previous step.

10. Save the yaml file with any name. In my case , i have saved with “tmc-registration.yaml”

11. Now, It’s time to create the CRD

$ k create -f tmc-registration.yaml created

12. It will take sometime to complete the registration process, You can monitor the progress by describing the CRD as below

$ k -n svc-tmc-c8 describe agentinstall tmc-agent-installer-config

13. You can see the status as INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS. This will change to INSTALLED , once completed.

14. We are done with the registration process. Now, you can deploy the Workload clusters.

If you are looking for TKG Management cluster registration process to TMC, You can visit below url

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