Top 3 Validations for vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster

As you know, vSphere with Tanzu runs on vSphere7.x and when i enabled this feature, i had bit of struggle to ensure everything is running fine. I will try to explain that here.

Source -> VMware Doc

Validation #1

Login to vCenter console and then Click on Menu -> Workload Management

It will open the Clusters tab in a Workload Management.

You can see the Config Status showing Running.

Validation #2

Click on the Cluster Name shown in previous step and it will redirect you to the Cluster in vCenter.

Click on the Monitor -> Namespaces -> Overview

here you can see the overview section and validate Configuration Status, Kubernetes Status and Node Health

If you see issues with Node Health, You can Click on View detail and it will show you the issue with particular node.

Validation #3

Validate the Supervisor Nodes status

Click on Namespace resource pool inside vCenter cluster and see the status of below three VM’s

Note: you can not manage these VM’s from vCenter UI

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