VMware TKG 1.3.1 Key Points

  • New Kubernetes versions:


  • Workload clusters no longer use the Tanzu Mission Control Extension Manager.
  • OIDC authentication no longer uses dex .
  • Running tanzu cluster create --dry-run generates a workload cluster template from a configuration file without requiring a management cluster.
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) handling supports custom registry sources for individual images, overriding default registry.
  • Users can upgrade add-ons independently of upgrading Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
  • (vSphere) Supports routable, no-NAT IP addresses for workload cluster pods, enabling traceability and auditing.
  • (vSphere v6.7) Installer interface includes access and configuration options for NSX-T Advanced Load Balancer.
  • (vSphere) Supports deploying multiple MachineDeployment and KubeadmControlPlane objects without changing overlay file.
  • (Azure) New cluster configuration variables:
  • AZURE_CUSTOM_TAGS applies Azure tags to cluster resources.
  • AZURE_ENABLE_PRIVATE_CLUSTER and AZURE_FRONTEND_PRIVATE_IP run workload clusters as private clusters with internal load balancers.
  • AZURE_ENABLE_NODE_DATA_DISK optionally provisions a data disk for worker nodes.
  • AZURE_CONTROL_PLANE_ and AZURE_NODE_ variables for DATA_DISK_SIZE_GIB and OS_DISK_SIZE_GIB configure data and OS disk sizes for control plane and worker nodes.
  • AZURE_CONTROL_PLANE_OS_DISK_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_TYPE and AZURE_NODE_OS_DISK_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_TYPE specify storage account for control plane and worker node disks.
  • (Azure) Future-compatibility cluster configuration variable AZURE_ENABLE_ACCELERATED_NETWORKING enables Azure accelerated networking when TKRs support it. (Currently Azure TKRs do not support Azure accelerated networking.

Source -> TKG documentation.

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