What happens when vsphere with Tanzu license expired

In this post, i will explain some of the key points on what happens when vSphere with Tanzu license expired.

Source -> VMware Doc

If the evaluation period of a Supervisor Cluster expires, or the Tanzu edition license expires

As a vSphere administrator you cannot:

  1. create any new namespaces on the Supervisor Cluster
  2. update the Kubernetes version of the cluster.

As a DevOps engineer, you cannot:

  1. create new vSphere Pods, VMs, and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters
  2. You cannot update the configuration of the existing Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, such as adding new nodes.

However, workloads that are already deployed on TKG clusters continue their normal operation and you can deploy new workloads on the existing Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

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