What is VMware Tanzu Advanced?

Introducing VMware Tanzu Advanced

Tanzu Advanced edition makes it possible to operationalize containers and DevSecOps practices through below capabilities:

1. Speed development and delivery of containerized workloads
2. Secure the container lifecycle
3. Simplify operation of containers and clusters across clouds

Tanzu Editions — Source (https://d1fto35gcfffzn.cloudfront.net/tanzu/VMware-Tanzu-Advanced-Solution-Brief-0121.pdf)

Tanzu Advanced Components

Source Doc (https://d1fto35gcfffzn.cloudfront.net/tanzu/VMware-Tanzu-Advanced-Solution-Brief-0121.pdf)

Outcomes with Tanzu Advanced

Here are some of the benefits of VMware Tanzu Advanced

  1. Developer velocity
  2. Security from code to customer
  3. Operator efficiency

You can look at more detail of Tanzu Advanced Solution Brief below: https://d1fto35gcfffzn.cloudfront.net/tanzu/VMware-Tanzu-Advanced-Solution-Brief-0121.pdf

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